Got questions? We have answers.


Why should I have a business consultation?

Businesses are often started by people with the mind of an entrepreneur but lacking basic business principles.  We will help provide those principles so that you can be effective in presenting your business as a professional.

At what stage in my business should I have a consultation done?

At any stage.  Consultations work great for start up businesses to provide some direction. Businesses and companies that have been in business for years but has seen a decline in either production or growth can also benefit from a consultation to assist with identifying the root cause of the problem and solutions to repair it.

Basically, any time a business owner has serious concern for their business, they stand to benefit from a consultation.

Can someone in network marketing benefit from a consultation or any of your other services?

ABSOLUTELY!  Our services can definitely help the entrepreneur in you.  People often get involved in network marketing and home based businesses without any business experience.  While we strongly encourage you to follow the system that has already been established for your opportunity, we can help that system be more sensible to you and complement their tools.

Do you write business plans?

Business SALUTEtions neither writes nor assists in the writing of a business plan.  However, we would gladly attempt to guide you in the right direction so that your business idea and vision is safeguarded from potential theft.

Is social media really important?

Social media is very important.  This is the age of technology and social media has been instrumental in helping major companies and everyday people to keep up with the latest trends, identify shifts and transcend in their way of connecting.  Social media is not going away.  You can only expect an increased demand of and by its presence.

Do you offer assistance with social media for those who don't understand it?

Yes, we do.  One of the first things that we want to do is help you choose what form of social media will work best for your business and train you in utilizing it.  Or we can manage that for you.

How do I know if I need to promote my business or market it?

Once you really begin to understand the difference between the two and the purpose of each one, you will know which one to use, when and how.  After that it is simply finding the proper tools to fit your needs and budget.

Are your insurance benefits bundled?

No, they are not.   Your business has the option to package benefits together or use them separately to complement what you already have in place.  It really depends on what your needs are, and whether or not you use our services as a replacement would be completely up to you.  We only want what is best for your company.

Do you offer leadership training to employees?

Yes, we would love to increase the power in your business by building leadership within your organization.

What areas do you serve?

The home office of Business SALUTEtions is located in Houston,TX but we reach global markets and therefore are unlimited to areas that we can serve.  Some services can only be rendered in TEXAS due to licensing (i.e., life insurance) but that it is why we work together with you to meet your needs to reach your audience and consumer base.